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From the window that drops down, select the station’s name and click Assign. BTW, my cable company is Cox. The first one they sent didn't work, so I lost a lot of time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. He also includes comments on the question posed earlier on using an ATI TV Wonder w/ElGato's EyeTV Wonder software. " Mike, if the ATI USB All in Wonder Box is anything have a peek here

So, all EyeTV users with Clear QAM channels have to map most of them by hand. AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews > Video Components > Home Theater Computers > HTPC - Mac Chat > EyeTV audio lip sync issues? Sound output automatically goes from HDMI to Integrated speakers ( or digital output). Ultra Hi-End HT Gear ($20,000+) D-cinema Equipment and Theaters High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide Color Gamut (WCG) Screens

Elgato No Sound

Solution: Confirm that the OS X System Preferences have the right audio output settings. With the 1.7.1 version, MPEG-4 movies play fine. I will write a comparison on the two someday, but for now, the eyeTV rates about 9.5, and the other internal tuner about a 5 or less. I'm on a Powerbook G4 with the 1.7 upgrade and the whole set up went very smoothly (10 minutes) and I now have access to about 20-25 digital and HD channels

  1. When I choose HDMI and run Plex, sound automatically changes to integrated or digital output, but when I choose Sound output ( Salida de Sonido in Spanish) all works perfect!!!!!
  2. An example of this might be a scanned receipt, PDF invoice, or email confirmation.Unfortunately, we are unable to recover key information from previous EyeTV installations, hardware serial numbers, or product registration.
  3. I've had GOOD performance and many good recordings with EyeTV but I've also missed quite a few programs as bad recording because of the stuttering and that's frustrating.

All we ask is that you provide some proof or documentation verifying your purchase. I'm using a PowerMac G5 dual 2.0, 1GB ram etc.. After upgrading to Tiger, EyeTV 1.8 and m-audio driver 1.6.1 (now works fine with DVD Player, DolbyDigital works) there is no way to get DolbyDigital from EyeTV. Elgato Hd60 No Sound Elgato Game Capture HD System Requirements Elgato Game Capture HD60 System Requirements 12) The Elgato Game Capture HD software may need to be updated.

All in all this device really works well and has the nicest TV picture I have seen. Elgato No Sound Pc Wi-Fi Access Record from Live Buffer IPTV Support for Freebox One-Click-Export for iPhone and iPod Touch Float-on-top More New Functionality In addition to the features highlighted above, the update contains many Larry " (update - reader sent a tip that may be of help - see later post above.) I don't normally include email addresses but since he included it in the Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more!

Make sure you have selected the right audio output option for Elgato Game Capture HD to use. Elgato No Game Audio Pc I never confirmed it because I was never happy with the reception before, so I have been patiently waiting for the software update. I improved and tuned in a couple more channels on the detailed scan. Tech support had blamed Toast.

Elgato No Sound Pc

Shopping internet providers? Audio problems when going frem EyeTV to Plex MortenSJ Posts: 34Members May 2011 in Plex Media Center - Mac Hi I have purchased Remote Buddy to switch between EyeTV and Plex. Elgato No Sound Please take a few moments to read through our Community Guidelines (also conveniently linked in the header at the top of each page). No Game Audio Elgato Ps4 User #378932 2435 posts Robo3 In the penalty box reference: posted 2010-Sep-30, 1:39 pm AEST ref: posted 2010-Sep-30, 1:39 pm AEST O.P.

Hopefully they will have a solution within the next few days. navigate here Trending Will my porn be discovered by a tech repairman? 18 answers If the computer is turned off can it still catch a virus? 10 answers Why does a amd fx Don't know if the green screen would correct itself on a MPEG-4 stream like the keynote though. menu item in EyeTV. Elgato Sound Capture Not Working

So I bought an indoor HDTV antenna with amplification to use with the eyeTV. Thanks for the help though. It just shows a blank screen on my TV like David stated on 1/17/2005. Check This Out EyeTV 250 Review: (7/14/2006) Gene sent a EyeTV 250 review including feature comparisons to EyeTV 200 and performance tests on a Dual 1.8GHz G5 and iBook G4/933. (reports below are -Not-

Welcome to Mac-Forums! Elgato Game Audio Not Working Pc It is plugged into the wall, not using the little antenna that comes with it. But, when a TV is plugged into the cable, it works fine.

The next recording that is made works well.

Ted, do you know that a new version of VLC came out a couple of weeks ago? The audio settings are correct, and you can hear sound to other programs. The Apple shop where i bought my gear is having the same problem. Elgato Live Commentary Not Working If you’re having any trouble with EyeTV, chances are good that you’ll find the solution after a brief search of Elgato’s Web site.

This will be a nice feature though when it works properly (if it is indeed intended for the EyeTV 500). -CS " More EyeTV 500/HDTV Feedback: (see below for previous reports) The signal drops intermittently - approx every 10-15 minutes. "Sleep" is not an issue. I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth. I am fairly confident that the cable lobbyists will make sure we have the right to record network programming for a long time to come.

Nick Freeman Customer Support Elgato Systems LLC " Reader Tip for "No Signal" problem: Although this could be hardware related, a reader sent a tip in reply to one of yesterday's Selecting this works great under Apple's DVD Player, and may work with EyeTV. -David B. " Another reader wrote: (added 7/6/2005)" Saw this AC3 codec on VersionTracker last night. So I asked if EyeTV will support my Stick - Yes it will, was the answer from Elgato - and I also received a Beta of EyeTV 2.4 - but no, No sound in Plex when coming from EyeTv (via RemoteBuddy and running script for open plex and tell eyeTv to hide).

Plus, when the status indicator reached the end of the export process, it would just "hang" and never complete. Solution: If the EyeTV unit is connected via USB or Firewire, then try another USB or Firewire cable. This QT component is likely the result of that, and also why the update was pulled. (I was curious as to why that happened, initially I thought it was just a Mac OS is 10.4.1, EyeTV Sovtware 1.8, latest m-audio transit USB driver 1.6.1. (see previous page here of M-Audio (USB) Transit Feedback/Tips) Sound is decoded and amplified by Logitech's Z 5500

EyeTV Software version is 1.8.1, and my system is Tiger, 10.4.1 " Another reader replied to the post on EyeTV/iSight: " I have an EyeTV 500 and also had problems with The only problem I am having is that I don't seem to be able to get the setup assistant to accept the activation key supplied. The same thing is happening with the antenna though, nothing beyond 40% signal strength and never any signal quality. Currently, EyeHome can't directly view video made by EyeTV in the MPEG-4 format.

It needs a Live TV playback to remember this. How-To Videos This trick will stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates, but be careful View more Macworld videos »

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