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How To Use Expodisc Canon


If you are using a small light Tent? When you use this to set your WB, your camera compensates for the cooling (blue) filter, and your resulting images are warmer (oranger.) I'd suggest this version for most digital cameras, This will ensure consistency when you download and begin the color correction process later. Just snap it on or hold it up to your lens with the honeycomb side facing outward.

Marvin lonni To the people who say who cares about the white balence, fix it in post - photoshop does not make the photographer. I purchased two 8 X 10 cards for approx. $12. Note: Setting a white balance with sodium or mercury vapor lights is unpredictable because such lights have a discontinuous color spectrum (i.e. I have learnt many tricks with it too….

How To Use Expodisc Canon

You can set your cameras white balance to the preloaded tungsten setting and you should get a better result. Skip navigation UploadSign inSearch Loading... WHY THE EXPODISC We've used white cards for decades in television. The original ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filter was available in separate Neutral and Portrait (warming) versions.

You lose the spontaneity by taking a white balance reading etc. MMmmmmx @Ionni >> other wise you can end up wih very blue or orange photos, that cant be fixed in post. Paul all you need to use is a white coffee filter …save yourself 80 $ …i have an expo disc but if i didnt ….i would use the coffee filter for Expodisc 77mm The Expodisc is very helpful for getting accurate colors in crappy light.

RECOMMENDATIONS The Expodisc is special purpose tool. I have a 77mm expo disc and love it. This feature is not available right now. The focusing mechanisms in most cameras rely on differences in contrast to determine the correct focal point.

Now imagine that you were shooting in an environment that was mostly dominated by Orange-Yellow light. Expodisc Vs Grey Card In reply to BPHummel • Feb 23, 2014 TTMartin's gear list:TTMartin's gear list Canon PowerShot S100 (2000) Canon PowerShot SD1000 Canon PowerShot G1 X Canon EOS 40D Canon EOS These numbers are intended only as a quality control mechanism to ensure that each ExpoDisc is within our specifications. I purchased two 8 X 10 cards for approx. $12.

How To Use Expodisc With Flash

When trying to set a custom white balance my camera keeps giving me the "no good" error message. The intensity of that sample light is not relevent, provided the sample is neither severely over, or under exposed. How To Use Expodisc Canon The reason for this is that exposures slower than 1/125 of a second begin to be influenced by the ambient light present in the shooting environment. Using Expodisc To Set Exposure I'm able to use two stacked polarizers (one linear, one circular) in place of a ND filter which gives a very very strong purple/blue tint to everything and still fix it

After setting the white balance you can return to the auto-focus mode if you so desire. What I find confusing, is that in the second (YouTube) video that you linked to, the user sets the camera to Custom White Balance before taking the Expodisc reference shot. Measuring with a white or gray card can differ depending on the angle in which it’s held and the light that is hitting it. I've even gotten pleasing results with my ExpoDisc. How To Use Expodisc With Nikon

  1. LinkedIn Learning Solutions 161,142 views 6:10 How to Set a Custom White Balance: Digital Photography Tips by Berger Bros Camera - Duration: 5:49.
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  3. Filter sizes are measured in millimeters, e.g. ∅58mm, ∅67mm, ∅77mm, etc., and are usually printed on the end of the lens barrel.
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  5. I probably could have cheated and set WB from white paper with similar results.

Is the process used by the person in the YouTube video right or wrong, or does it not matter what white balance mode you use, since the Expodisc is gathering only And do I need an ExpoDisc for each lens? 3. It can also be used to help set contrast and custom white balances. But I still love the idea of my ExpoDisc, and will def.

It's no big deal, so long as it's white or neutral. Expodisc Before And After And this image is leaning more towards the warmer (orangish) side. You don't photograph through it.

Weird (but typical) combination of shade, skylight, bushlight and reflected daylight.

use it when the situation and my needs warrant. I have the standard one. Multi-vapor lights, similar to those used in sports stadiums, are more nearly color corrected and can be relied on. Expodisc Tutorial I hear that an 18% gray card isn't the best for digital WB, but even if it's a little off, it with be a quick fix in ACR, and not an

Back to Top 10. You don't shoot through the Expodisc, except to set the WB. Custom White Balance Auto White Balance As you can see, neutralizing the color yields an image that is a perfect balance of the two. Either it can be fixed in post, or it can't be fixed by the camera too, since they are working on the same data.

You can always adjust for TASTE, once you are accurate and can batch file process both for accuracy and taste. Although I do think its a great piece of kit, the AWB on a 5D iii is so good, I decided to go back to that and fine tune it i Expodisc takes care of that and is easy to handle. one of the others (like those from PhotoJojo), other than cost, is that you have to go and stand where your subject is and point back at the light source.

That was a question that I had. Rather, some light meters aim for a 12.5% gray in metering, which is an RGB value of about (99,99,99), which will be quite a bit to left on the histogram, while It looks like a fat filter with a fluorescent light fixture diffuser on top and white plastic on the bottom. It’s quick and easy and makes getting white balance a simple routine rather than a chore or a time consuming job when you come to retouch them on your computer.