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How To Use Ipod With Ford Sync


Both my 2012 Chevrolet Volt and my 2012 GMC Terrain will no longer recognize my Ipod Classic. This is the in-car system that allows you to connect flash drives and music players to a USB port in the vehicle. Restoring will force the system to reindex, which starts things off working…for a bit. One solution that seems to actually work is to make sure that you have turned OFF all of the functions that allow the drive to act as a hard drive (Enable navigate here

But, I can tell you GM seems to have no answers, try as they have with my car, unfortunately. Once connected music can be accessed by voice command. We should consider ourselves lucky that Microsoft doesn't make software for commercial airliners. I've tried another iPhone in the truck with the same result.

How To Use Ipod With Ford Sync

Fla Posts: 115 Garage jay1028's Garage 2016 Escape SE My 2016 SE has 2 USB ports, nothing else in the armrest. Why wasn’t this article helpful? {{feedbackItem.label}} Sorry you're having trouble. The command structure may be different.I do remember because I have a 2013 with Sync with MyFord Touch and the "search artist" command works for me. Now I believe that the on-lline manuals have taken that statement out.

But, as long as I leave my flash drive in the USB port, Sync says "Indexing Complete" when I start up and select "USB."Good luck! The Sync system has discrete commands for "Play Artist," "Play Album" or "Play Track." From my experience, these are separate commands, and are not nested. Personally, I have given up trying to solve this problem and have gone to flash drive and a "line in" option. Ford Sync Ipod Indexing I recently purchased a 2008 Ford Fusion and among its many features was SYNC by Microsoft.

My conclusion is that the Ford SYNC updates have somehow not been backward compatible with the older operating system. How To Connect Ipod To Ford Sync My iPod classic doesn't work in either. Tell us how it is going in 3-7 days. Author Posts You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Sales and Refunds Legal Site Map Contact Apple Follow Geek Tech Movies Games Television Comics Culture Deals Facebook Apologizes For Killing EveryoneiFixit Tears down the PlayStation

I think they just comped me for customer satisfaction and because it is a known issue for the InteliLink system but there is no way for the average car owner to Ford Sync Usb Not Working It's an Apple problem, apparently. Plug the Apple USB cable into the console, but do not plug it into the iPod. The really frustrating part is that both of these iPod's worked perfectly without any problems in our 2012 Corvette.

How To Connect Ipod To Ford Sync

Today I connected my iPod 2nd gen to the usb port and error message popped up on 8" screen that this device is not supported. I would like to know how many people are having this problem as I am considering contacting a lawyer. How To Use Ipod With Ford Sync Manually connect the phone with MyFord Touch. Ford Sync Won't Recognize Ipod Car of the Month Ford General Community Ford News Technical / Model / Performance for the Fusion, Milan, Zephyr Engine & Drivetrain Suspension / Brakes Wheels / Tires Exterior Lighting Models

My old Classic iPod works exceptionally well, plus I have a spare so I can probably use these thing till "H freezes over". Press Connect. Top Top Jsmithsole Posts: 551 Joined: Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:57 am Location: So Cal Contact: Contact Jsmithsole Website Re: Sync solution for iPod Classic users Quote Postby Jsmithsole » Tue I see no responses from GM for troubleshooting this problem. Ford Sync Ipod Nano

Didn't the iPod classic come out in around 2001? Yesterday 10:29 PM by jshel101 5 Considering an Escape Yesterday 10:28 PM by islandcustom Latest Ford News Top 5 Coolest Factory Wheels on Production Cars Automakers are starting to offer compelling It demonstrates what Microsoft is doing on the inside is insidious, at least compared to what Apple is doing. After that - she'll often say "The contact is not available at this time".

My biggest concern is whether there is an upper limit of files or capacity beyond which the Sync system starts to act funny. Ford Sync Ipod Touch It does still charge the device, but does not provide connectivity. Apparently when I added additional songs and the car's system was indexing the iPod library, it hit an internal code it could not rectify and went into a loop.

I did note that when I originally tried connecting my iPod, even when it worked the system disabled the "Play Track" voice command because there were too many tracks.

After having both the HMI and radio modules replaced in my car, it still doesn't work. So who knows whats wrong with it. Pair your phone. Ford Sync Ipod Shuffle However, it does seem to be working so far.

Meaning that GM intentionally made it so this antique model will not work. How do you do that? 2012 Limited FWD Flex, Red Candy Metallic with White Suede top, Medium Light Stone interior2004 Toyota Camry, 255K miles1991 Honda Accord, 535K miles (all mine) Top Read more from the SYNC support forum website.

Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Reddit Applefordipodipod touchMicrosoftsync Speak Your Mind zerocool Wait, so an APPLE UPDATE comes up that disallows you weblink It just stopped working this weekend.

I have thousands of CDs, and I have somehow crammed them all onto that device. Jessica L. Doing a quick search on the Ford SYNC support site I discovered there were a number of people with an issue where they would hook up their iPod touch or iPhone Would welcome input from others.

I would be able to carry my whole library that way, instead of just the 8Gb I have in there now. 2014 Triple White SEL FWD, tow pkg, roof rails2011 Lynskey Then it randomly either locks-up / freezes or will restart the iPod like a hard reset. I called GM customer service and they told me it had something to do with 3rd party music, but this doesn't explain the inconsistency and the fact it works thru the But a few months ago, when I plug in the iPod using a USB cable I get the message on Ford Sync that says, "incompatible device".

Power off your phone and remove the battery, if possible. 2. Make sure that the boxes are NOT selected for either of the following: (Enable Mass Storage on PC; or Enable Disk Use on Mac). When I click the OK button, iPod shuts off and goes back to radio. Touch Phone > follow the display instructions KEEP SYNC WITH MYFORD TOUCH RUNNING SMOOTHLY WITH A MASTER RESET If you are experiencing operational issues with your MyFord Touch system that

Best to use the "Forget This Device," delete the connection, and then start again completely fresh. The thing thereafter worked normally while in the shop. GO Solution Finder Answers to your top questions about your Ford Post a comment Find support among your fellow driver Live chat Get one-on-one support right now Call for support Speak I've had no problems after almost two years of this setting change.

View the SYNC 3 compatibility chart for your device. We also had a issue with our Navigation and the voice prompts. That could be almost as bad as a defective ignition key switch! If I click the okay button, the ipod switches off and it goes back to the radio.

flash drive). That may make a big difference.