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2001 Ford Ranger Air Conditioning Troubleshooting


That's where it cracks, allowing shaft to spin inside. engine off after it stops working. The front of the engine compartment should have a sticker that shows the belt routing and the pressure requirements for the A/C system. There is probably a faulty switch or something that is not letting the computer turn on the compressor.3. navigate here

If you did not flush the system before you put the new compressor on then that needs to be done. Modifying the suspension on any vehicle will cause changes to it's handling characteristics. The High side is of course nice and hot because of compression. Right on the accumulator (can shaped thing with rounded top).

2001 Ford Ranger Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Air Conditioning Clutch Doesn't Engage The clutch will not engage on this car even after changing the a/c fuse. Or, maybe it is a clogged orifice tube. History of the Aerostar thread. If that's not it, you may need to replace the fan. *Tip* - You can confirm proper airflow by TEMPERATURE TESTING.

Explained the problem to the technician. They will help you diagnose the possible problems with your air conditioning system and pinpoint which parts are faulty. But I'm not sure if I was reading from the correct plug, below is a picture of the plug I tried. + 0 - #11 04-13-2010 wvcat Member iTrader: Ford Ranger Ac Clutch Problems As a COMPARISON.......the Haynes book says ('94 Ford Explorer w/factory R-134a system) ambient air temp of 80 degrees F, hi velocity fan in front of the condenser, 1500 RPM.........22-50 low side

The gap before removal was 46. There shoul be two coolant lines going to the heater. Turn off the engine, hook a wire to the connector, then start the engine, and lastly - touch the wire to the pos terminal of the battery. Over the years, small refrigerant particles will leak out, up to 1/2 ounce per year.

If they have not been replaced in a long time you should just replace them. Ford Px Ranger Air Conditioning Problems what john said! I cannot get it to turn off. And can this be done without removing the compressor? #16 John-P, Jun 18, 2015 NutBucket Lifer Joined: Aug 30, 2000 Messages: 24,705 Likes Received: 14 Good work detective.

Ford Ranger Ac Compressor Troubleshooting

This is not likely because most AC systems have high pressure cutout switches to prevent this, but it is possible.These are the most likely causes of your auto air conditioning problem. Vehicle Stalls with A/C On I have a 2003 dodge ram quad cab 4.7 liter engine. 2001 Ford Ranger Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Aerostar Forum. Ford Ranger Ac Relay Location This is not likely but possible.If the problem still persists, then you should have it looked by an auto air conditioning repair shop.

ColinGooseHall General Technical & Electrical 3 05-01-2015 08:35 PM Ranger not charging and chime not working jfoster2505 General Technical & Electrical 3 02-14-2012 08:23 PM Want to Buy: Stock CD/Cassette Radio When you turn the A/C on, it would light the light on the auto air button, you can hear the car rev up signaling that the compressor has coupled, but after If i pull out the a/c relay and jumper pins 1 and 3 which are the two top pins the a/c compressor will kick on whether the switch inside the cab Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Forum. 2001 Ford Ranger Ac Relay Location

Could be a flaky compressor clutch. Loading... Still nothing. his comment is here Thank you for the suggestion about tightening the bolts.

Sign in to add this video to a playlist. 2002 Ford Ranger Ac Relay Location Ford, Nissan want African auto fixes More Ford Ranger News from Topix » United Kingdom News Real-Time News Explore More Topix US News US Cities List World News World Countries Tried new relay and still nothing until it gets good and ready in its own time. #10 John-P, Jun 17, 2015 Pacfanweb Lifer Joined: Jan 2, 2000 Messages: 12,910 Likes

History of the Aerostar thread.

Good news. The bummer is that you have to take appart the whole front panel to get to it. I just replace the AC condenser fan on it cause it went out. 2000 Ford Ranger Ac Relay Location Using a UV A/C leak detection kit is the easiest way to find a leak.

It held a good vaccum for several days after I replaced the condensor. All normal for it if the ac was turned off. My suspicion is a sticking hi pressure switch when the switch is opened. Now i tried in my vehicle to trace these two wires i am missing.

I have had the system flushed, and put in a new thermostat and temperature control switch on the dash. It is impossible for me to tell which ones might be the problem for your car without having more information.The best advice I have for you is to take it to Check around all fittings to verify that they are all secure. It may need a refrigerant charge as it doesn't seem to blow as cold of air as it should, but it does cool some.

blows and cools very well when it works.Click to expand... What else can I try before I have to take it to the shop? (2006 Chevy Impala 3.9L)Answer: Since your AC fuse is blowing that means that there is some type Be in the know! It looks like it goes together at that point.

I probably would never have tackled the task without all the encouragement and suggestions. I would expect that kind of crap from the big chains, but I figured these guys had better service. Once you get to it, there is heater door actuator on top. What could be the problem?

It feels as if the cold air is fighting the hot air and the hot air wins! It's excellent!